One day, a man looked at his PokeBall, at its simplistic yet stylish design and the essence of nostalgia and the memories of youth held within. "Why," the man pondered, "is this not yet a Pocket Moster itself? Surely a design of such brilliance should take the form of a creature we can train and form strong bonds of friendship with as we count down the finite time we have to live?" A stranger nearby heard this man's unusually vocal thoughts and informed him that there, was in fact, a Pokemon that fits the description he described. The man was furious to discover that he would not be able to create his original idea, and quickly thought of a way he could earn some revenue by designing a Pokeyman of his own. "Does it evolve?". "No," the stranger replied. "It will." So from that day forth every time a Voltorb reached Level 30 this ingenious man will come and filp your monster upside-down and draw a face on its butt. "BOOM ITS AN ELECTRODE NOW BITCH!"