Fairies. Love 'em or hate 'em, you're gonna end up hating them.

Formed from the feces of Satan himself, Fairy type Pokemon usually take on hellish forms from the nightmares of suffering children. These monstrous forms are so powerful that they can even fell Dragon type Pokemon in battle. This is mainly due to a special condition in Dragon types that causes them to experience an epileptic seizure whenever exposed to certain shades of pink.

Strengths Edit

The powers of fairies are not just limited to pwning dragons. Their might can even defeat Pokemon trained under Chuck Norris, and their hideous fighting style even creeps out emos. They're pretty much UNSTOPPABLE! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES! FILL YOUR COMPETITIVE PARTY WITH FAIRY TYPES OR FACE THE FAIRY APOCALYPSE!

Weaknesses Edit

The strength of fairies is greatly exaggerated, usually by n00bs who use Stealthrockpedia. They can actually be killed fainted by a crap-ton of things. Poisons, such as cyanide and sarsaparilla, can cripple the beasts by causing them to develop external cancer bubbles. Other effective measures of termination include hitting them on the head with a steel beam (preferably one jet-fuel proof) or a shovel until they just kinda give up on life. You can also just say that you don't believe in them.