"Whadya mean saying 'We sell Oran Berry' implies that they are made with 100% berry? Well, there's always the Soylent Green I guess..."

The Keckleon Brothers are PMD characters known for selling berries, seeds, detonators, Voltorbs Painted blue, knives, jellybeans, cyanide and slaves to children. One of them is the elusive Purple Keckleon who can only be accessed in the main series of Pokemon once your body is ready and you have the Legendary Golems; Regice, Regirock, Registeel, Regigigas and Reggie in your party.

The bros. Store fell in the great depression after they lost the rights to lamp oil, rope and bombs. This is because the major exporter had gone independent. They were able to counterfeit these items with Blast Seeds and Escape Orbs.