PMD Croagunk is a character in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Your Neighbour's Basement. He is a

There is no croagunk

He's in the picture, Just at the back. Behind the tall one. While being invisible... Aw, you know why he's salty.

sadistic Croagunk who owns a shop in a guild hall of an organisation that enslaves Pokemon Children that transforms items. It is said that he is already accomplished enough to graduate, but stays back to tend his swap cauldron. This is not true. The real reason he stays behind is that he likes watching guild members while they sleep. His favourite target is Bidoof. For this reason, he is the leader of the Creatures That Like to Watch Bidoof Sleep committee. Anything that the other guild members enjoy, he enjoys the opposite, but he can't renovate the guild because apparently, most of them are intolerant of toxic slime dripping from the ceiling. It is also believed that he is the reason most members are unintelligent because he also injects them with neurotoxin, so they sleep longer, so he can watch them (The handsome one centre right is not part of the guild, thus he actually looks cool)